Stay Out Quest guide Training Old Warehouses & Cross round the Park

Before Kolya Acid will let you do the Stalkers’ patrol daily quests, which are a great source of early Roubles, Kolya will tell you to train with Mark. The quests in this tutorial walkthrough are Training: Old Warehouses and Training: cross round the park.

In Training: Old Warehouses your tasks are to kill 10 Pups and 3 Small rats aswell as collect the five boxes. The Warehouses you are looking for are next to the Police Station. There are two boxes in each warehouse and one behind the containers.

Training: cross round the park is simply to run two laps of the park. You have to run anti-clockwise through certain checkpoints. You will know you got a checkpoint when your Quest journal is updated. After the first lap you need to talk to Mark, which he will give you food, drink and stamina buff. Training: cross round the park is repeatable daily quest and the stamina buff is useful for running across to distant locations.

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