Hitman Sniper on IOS/Android Champagne bottle, Laptop, Rubber Duck Locations

Score Bonus Points for finding and shooting hidden Champagne Bottles, Laptops and Rubber Ducks on the HITMAN | SNIPER game Montenegro.

  • Champagne Bottles +4500 each, +45000 all three found.
  • Laptops +4500 each, +45000 all five found.
  • Rubber Ducks +6750 each, +67500 all four found.
Hitman Sniper IOS Android Locations of all Champagne Bottles, Laptops and Rubber Ducks

Hitman Sniper Champagne Bottle Locations

Champagne Bottle 1 on bar near bartender
Champagne Bottle 2 near sun lounge beside pool
Champagne Bottle 3 on Bench beside drinker

Hitman Sniper Laptop Locations

Laptop 1 on Left Neighbour balcony
Laptop 2 on Coffee table Second level
Laptop 3 Right Neighbour poolside coffee table
Laptop 4 in Study Second level, curtains are closed at start
Laptop 5 in Security room at Ground level

Hitman Sniper Rubber Duck Locations

Rubber Duck 1 in Hot tub
Rubber Duck 2 on Roof near Antenna
Rubber Duck 3 on Planter near sky bridge
Rubber Duck 4 on roof of Elevator at Ground level near Red carpet

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