Stay Out how to get TT semi-automatic Pistol beginner weapon in Lubech Train Station

Stay Out (Stalker Online) Tutorial How to get your first semi-automatic weapon. The TT pistol uses a 8 round magazine and has high fire-rate. Fire in quick succession to deal high damage in a short amount of time. Learn how to load magazine.

  1. Talk to Vatslavich
  2. Talk to Kolya Acid and get the quest Task from Kolya Acid
  3. Leave the station and turn right about 45 degrees and find Pups
  4. Equip Jack Knife
  5. Kill 2 Mutant Pups and butcher for Mutant Pup Heads
  6. Return to Kolya Acid, select “I’ve Dragged” dialogue
  7. Talk to Serge, select “Acid Asked” dialogue
  8. Equip the TT
  9. Drag and Drop 7.62×25 Ammo on the TT magazine to fill
  10. (Recommended) Exchange Nagant for 2x TT magazines

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