Stay Out Tutorial How to get to Lubech Train Station from Lesnaya Station Fast with TOZ-34 Shotgun


My walkthrough of the beginner area, Lesnaya Station, in the game Stay Out on Steam. This is a fast method, takes about 30 minutes to get to Lubech Train Station.

Equip Revolver, Knife and Read Note (Recommended)
Goto Station E7-4 and talk to Watchman for Copper Wire quest, talk to Station Huckster for MGD Anomaly Artefact quest
Goto E6-4 and loot either Radio or TV for Copper Wire
Goto G6-1 and use MGD to collect Artefact from Anomaly
Goto Station E7-4, turn in both quests. Talk to Station Huckster to get tincture of “Sweet flag root” quest
Goto Vladamir Ilyich C5-1, talk to Vladamir Ilyich and get house in the swamp quest (Recommended), talk to Vladamir and get dog ears quest
Goto C5-4 and kill dogs and butcher for dog ears
Goto Vladamir Ilyich C5-1, turn in dog ears and talk to get Calamus root quest.
Goto House in the Swamp E5-1, talk to Stalker (Recommended)
Goto E5-4 and collect Calamus
Goto House in the Swamp E5-1, find Dog house and put Calamus in Can
Goto D6-2 and collect Calamus root beneath Gnarled Tree
Goto Vladamir Ilyich C5-1, turn in Calamus root for Absolute alcohol, talk to Vladamir Ilyich for Warehouse quest (Recommended)
Goto Water tower C5-2, use the Drain cover entrance to Warehouse, get TOZ-34 from second shed in green crate (Recommended)
Goto Station E7-4, turn in Absolute alcohol to Station Huckster
Goto Misha Kochagarov C8-4, talk to Misha Kochagarov to leave Lesnaya Station to Lubech Station

(Recommended) sections are optional to obtain the TOZ-34 Shotgun.

Stay Out Lesnaya Map

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